75% Reduction in Radiation

Digital Dental XraysThere is no more waiting time to view your X-rays. With 75% less radiation, digital X-rays will capture images of your entire mouth that are available immediately on our computer screen. With no development necessary, there are no chemicals to pollute
the environment.

Defeat Gum Disease Painlessly

Arestin - Gum Disease TreatmentDr. Hagen uses ARESTIN™ to successfully fight periodontal disease to return your gums to a healthy state. These tiny microspheres in powder form are applied directly to the infection. They are time released and continually work to kill the bacteria. Best of all, this antiobiotic relieves the problem painlessly.

Oral Cancer – Are You at Risk?

Oral Cancer Screening Cincinnati OHIt is a staggering statistic that one American every hour dies from oral cancer. This mortality rate has not changed in 40 years! With modern technology, oral cancer can be detected and easily cured in the early stages. The good news is that there is a 90% success rate. We are very pleased to offer our patients VELscope™. This quick and easy exam is extremely effective. Using a specially designed light, any abnormal tissue can be identified. We highly recommend an exam with VELscope, as it could save your life!
The Laser Scanner Finds Ultrasmall Cavities Years Earlier

Dental Laser Scanner CincinnatiAt your last visit to the dentist, you had no sign of a cavity. Now, just six months later, you’re wondering how you have a large cavity in such a short time. In reality, the cavity already existed – it just wasn’t detectable on X-rays or with visual examination. We use the Laser Scanner to identify even the smallest cavity, when it can be repaired with a very small, invisible filling. This technology allows Dr. Hagen to accurately pinpoint the cause of sensitivity and pain, allowing more of your natural tooth to remain intact.

The Cleanest Your Teeth Can Be

Teeth Cleaning Cincinnati OHWe want your teeth to be the cleanest for good health, and we use the Piezo Scaler™ to give your teeth and gums a deep, thorough cleaning. It easily and quickly removes build-up of plaque and calculus with high-frequency vibrations. It works faster than regular scaling instruments, and the results? Your teeth have never felt cleaner!

Nothing beats an easier, more comfortable dental visit. If you have questions about the latest dental technology, give us a call today at (513) 251-5500.