CEREC Single Visit Dental Crowns Dentist CincinnatiNatural-Looking Crowns Made While You Wait

CEREC Dental Crowns CincinnatiYou may have had a crown placed in your mouth, so you are familiar with the routine of having a temporary installed, waiting for the permanent crown to be made, and then returning to the dentist to have it positioned in your dental arch. Sometimes the fit isn’t right, so it is the same wait and procedure again.

Dr. Hagen uses CEREC™ technology to give you a perfect-fitting crown in just one visit! This system uses a computer program to design and mill the restoration. It will create the crown in just a few minutes! The complete procedure from start to finish takes only about an hour. So it is only one trip to the dentist and no more waiting time. Our patients simply love how natural it looks and how well it functions.

To start the process, a reflective powder is applied to the tooth. With a special camera, a picture is taken and viewed on our computer screen. This lets us design the crown, which CEREC then automatically mills. The last step is to bond the crown to the remaining tooth structure.

What could be easier or faster than having a crown made with CEREC?

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One-Visit Crowns