Dental Exams Cincinnati OHThe Importance of Hygiene Visits

Having your teeth cleaned by our professional hygienist on a regular basis helps to keep your teeth free of cavities and your gums free of bacteria, and lessen the risk of serious health conditions. Regular brushing will clean most areas of the teeth. But there are hard-to-reach places that are often neglected, allowing plaque and tartar to form on the surface of teeth and below the gumline. If this is not removed, it can lead to serious problems with your teeth and life-threatening conditions with your heart, diabetes, and stroke. We recommend regular cleanings to keep serious problems from developing and to help keep your natural teeth for a lifetime.

Dental Root Canal Treatment CincinnatiSaving Hopeless Teeth

In the past, root canals had the reputation of being a dreaded treatment and something to be avoided. But with advanced techniques and the latest anesthetics, it is a manageable procedure for the patient.

Root canal therapy will save a tooth so it doesn’t need to be extracted. A missing tooth can cause other problems, and keeping a natural tooth in place preserves a full and healthy smile.

During this procedure, the pulp interior of a tooth is removed and a special filling material is packed inside the tooth. This is not the same type of filling as for a cavity restoration. Sometimes a crown is placed over the tooth for added strength and full functionality.

You will be pleased to know Dr. Hagen is very experienced in the latest techniques of root canal therapy to save a tooth that has infected or damaged roots.

Do You Find Yourself Falling Asleep on the Job?

Sleep Apnea Dental Treatment Cincinnati OHHave you ever caught yourself falling asleep during the day? Do you snore loudly at night? Perhaps you may be suffering from a condition known as sleep apnea. Your airway does not stay open as it should, resulting in a narrowed passageway for the air to flow in and out of your lungs. Traditional treatment is a CPAP device, which is a mask that fits over the nose and mouth. A small machine pumps air continually through the mask throughout the night. Although it relieves the problem, its bulkiness produces another problem – it is uncomfortable to wear, so many patients stop using it.

If you have tried the CPAP device and are frustrated with it, we have an alternative that is small, light, and easy to put in and take out. This acrylic device goes over your upper and lower teeth. It will reposition your tongue and jaw to keep your airway open for sufficient airflow to and from your lungs. The results have been astounding, with over 90% of those who use it having successful improvement. Give us a call to discuss this latest appliance so you can have a good night’s rest again.

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